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Big Time x Tuff

Bred by Joe Harrell
Lead Sire for 2017 Lamb Crop

Owned with Shell Club Lambs





166 son x John Boy

1073 sire is a Double Bred Marcantel x Guywire
The John Boy Dam is loaded with old Demon genetics.
This picture doesn't due this buck lamb justice. You can tell he is great fronted, good ribbed, and loaded with muscle. Really excited about his breeding potential.




Photo Coming Soon! Duramax
John Boy x 524 (Harrell x Heavy Duty) Shell




Photo Coming Soon! 166 Son
Double Bred Troubador x Guywire







Information Coming Soon!






For Sale



Boots x 522 Shell (711 x 278)

Power to burn! A sheep that is thick, stout, shaggy, great ribbed, and very structurally correct.




Ewes For Sale!
20 mature ewes for sale. Ages range form 1 to 4 years. All ewes are Shell bred. I am keeping about 25 ewe lambs back. Most of these ewes are the mothers of the keeper ewe lambs.







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